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If this sounds like a solution to your goals for accreditation or licensing, then you should contact us.

The Virtual Librarian Service and its librarians are very involved in their client’s accreditation activities as they relate to the library, teaching and learning resources. Whether applying for candidacy or renewing accreditation, the library and its learning resources has a part to play. The Virtual Librarian Service and its librarians pay marked attention to the guiding principles, standards and policies of its client’s accreditors. We are routinely relied on to write the self-study, measure compliance, assess the library services and resources, provide a needs analysis and provide strategic plans and costs to get to what the client wants to achieve. The library must not be left behind or out of the accreditation process. We are the librarian embedded into the academic fiber of the institution and branded by the educational institution as theirs.

Melody Hainsworth, MLIS, Ph. D.

There are 6 U.S. higher education regional accreditors.  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges maintains an aggregating list of weblinks to each of them with contact information. Below I have highlighted 3 of those regional accreditators noting the name of their accreditation publication and the section(s) where the library/information resources is covered. I have also listed below the 3 major national accrediting bodies with ACICS now gone.