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Online Students and You

As a corporation responsible for educational institutions, this idea will interest you. If you have online students and if you are finding it problematic to serve them appropriately and cost-efficiently with online library assistance, research and instructional materials, allow this library function to be contracted out to a Virtual Librarian.

Your online students may never visit the bricks and mortar library you have invested in. Their only experience will be what they see on your distance learning platform.

More and more on-ground libraries are having trouble meeting the growth of their institution’s online activities.

Pressed to meet the hybrid needs of the on-ground student and faculty, it is difficult for the library staff to rise to the needs of a growing number of students online and their particular demands for database assistance.

Ask Yourself:
  1. Are you meeting your accrediting standards for the library?
  2. Can your on-ground library or learning resource center and its library staff keep up with this growth in the online environment or do they want to?
  3. Does your library offer the equivalent depth and breadth of instructional services and bibliographic aids that are required to be provided to the online student?
  4. Is the library gathering the publisher’s web based data and then doing the continual assessment of online resources?
  5. Do you want to increase your retention of students by removing frustrations of database usage and thus increase the quality of the library experience?

Can you meet the above five points above in a cost-efficient manner?

If you hesitated on any of the above questions, I would like to introduce you to an innovative, cost-efficient solution.