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December 2012

The Case of the Declining use of the word "library"

The word “library” in the Principles, Standards, Criteria or Guidelines of the six Regional accreditors is a dying entry. Take for example The Principles for Accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges SACS/COC.  The occurrence of the word “library” is greatly reduced since 1997. And a new term has been introduced “information resources”. Where the word “library” used to be enjoined with a slash to the term “learning resources”,  that has been replaced with learning/information resources as a phrase.  Either way, the word “library” is a disappearing word. I do not mean to imply  that the institution of the library is threatened, (although with the growth of online learning and the battle with the publishers on the cost of digital content I do have my opinions) just that the word “library” is not specified at length as it used to be.