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March 2013

Up goes the cost for content - rent to view

Libraries in the future can only expect the price of content to really escalate.

The price of licensing access to an aggregator such as Ebsco, Gale, ProQuest and others can only rise – a lot more than the 3-5% annual rate we have come to know. Why?

Retrieving content with paper indexing vs. web-based indexing

Retrieving content with paper indexing vs. web based indexing: How web-based indexing has failed students

Cheri Rauser, MLIS, MA
Head of Reference Services

Standards for Higher Education Academic Libraries

Preparing for an accreditation first application or renewal starts years in advance and involves all the stakeholders  - top to bottom.  It needs an attitude of, or desire by, all levels of the institution to commit to the funds, staffing and the job ahead. It is not easy, but it is doable. I have participated in making sure the library and information technology departments of many higher education institutions do not let the greater organization down. I have been in institutions who have gone from zero to regional or national accreditation and programmatic accreditation-in some cases it took almost 10 years. I work to never be the unit of the organization that has Recommendations from the peer-review site committee. But, I think it is attitude and willingness to build a quality higher education institution, more than anything else-and it does not matter if it is private not-for- profit, or private for-profit.