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The Coronavirus and the Virtual Librarian Service

The Corornavirus has upset the world we live, work and recreate in. The librarians at the virtual librarian service are practicing safe methods of staying well, both mentally and physically. Important for our many clients is the fact that those practices and redundancies are in place, and ensure our client’s students have no interruption in their access to expert and professional librarian service 7 days a week. Normal library activities continue. Reference service to the student, adding to the library pages links to Covid-19 scientific and public health website pages, providing information required by an instructor or required by a Dean, Program or Department Chair. Publisher renewals are uninterrupted and links and hundreds of library pages contine to be curated and maintained.  Attendance at meetings continues. Library reports continue to be crafted and done on time for our clients and thus the librarians continue to support the client activities with accreditors, state authorizations and licensing. The librarians are skilled at using virtual software for meetings and many other online tools. Virtual is our chosen medium and the librarians excel at meeting this new challenge with our clients. 

If your institution is in a bind and needs help with adding or providing a virtual library and virtual librarian services,  contact me at