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RUSA Standards and The Virtual Librarian Service Part II

RUSA Standards and The Virtual Librarian Service Part II

Section 2.0 Definition of Virtual Reference

The Virtual Librarian Service falls within the definition. The Virtual Librarian Service concurs with the differences between reference service and resources stated in 2.2

Section 3.0 Preparing for Virtual Reference Services

Our primary clientele is an online academic institution with no campus. All faculty, administration and students are online and all service is offered at the beginning by email and all eResources are web-based and all meetings are by videoconferencing or phone. Accreditation guidelines for that educational institution’s online program are met.

From time to time, depending on the client educational institution and the size of its online activities, we set up a Virtual Librarian Service where there also exists a campus library or where a campus exists but no library.

In those circumstances we can demonstrate evidence of integration into on-line academic operations and the campus. Invoices and emails demonstrate the educational institution’s commitment. The costs of the Virtual Librarian Service are in the monthly invoice and the Virtual Librarian develops the library resources budget. The planning team is the Virtual Librarian Service and whoever is charged with management oversight from the educational institution, they may be the Provost, the Chief Academic Officer, Director, the President or some other position. If there is a campus librarian, they may be included in the planning - that decision is up to management. We work within the client’s choice of email, learning management system and videoconferencing software. We have a close relationship with the client’s IT staff and can demonstrate knowledge of who to contact for which service software. We manage the library gateway page and its links and resources regardless of how the student gains access. We work closely with faculty and administration, sitting on committees and have input to all academic segments of the client.